10 Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

Who says that decor doesn’t add to the delight of the food you go out to eat. Here check out the list of theme restaurants in Bangalore which should not be missed:

Gufha – Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

Gufha - Theme Restaurants in BangaloreThis place is one of the best theme restaurants that you can find in Bangalore. Its interior gives you a feel of a natural cave. Apart from that the way the waiters dress up and the background music gives the added feel to the ambience of the restaurant. Its a multi cuisine restaurant and is not only 10/10 with the decor but with the taste too.

Cable Car – Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

cable Theme Restaurants in BangaloreHomage to the American city of San Francisco, this place has a very royal interior. Pictures of different places in San Francisco hang from the walls which goes best with the he decor. A blue cable car compartment adds charm to the place. Its a vegetarian restaurant but still have a big and rich menu.

Firangi Paani – Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

firangi paani - Theme Restaurants in Bangalore This restaurant is considered to be the classiest themed restaurants in Bangalore and is more of a pub. So if you want to grab a beer with the perfect ambience then this is the place to be. The decor of this place is radiant which is supported by tables in shape of oak barrels. To support the theme, classic music plays in the background.

The Rock – Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

the rock - Theme Restaurants in Bangalore The name itself speaks loud about the ambience of this amazingly beautiful restaurant. This place is fun-filled and is a mini Disney land for the kids. It has replicas of  cute looking animals everywhere with blue butterflies, colorful parrots on the tree, a Gorilla, an Elephant, a lion and even a scary crocodile with its mouth wide open which are best supported by the sound of chirping birds.

Village – Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

village - Theme Restaurants in Bangalore Ever visited any village at the time of Mela. Well ‘Village’ will give you the feel to the one who missed and to those who wants to relive it. From the decor to how the waiters dress up, everything about this restaurant is authentically themed on the line of a village. Truck tyres, the kite hangings,milk cans etc takes you to a village tour.

Jalsa – Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

Theme Restaurants in Bangalore This restaurant will give you a feel of Maharaja style dining. The menu completely supports and has huge mughlai listing. The Mughal Theme chandelier, jharonkas, costume of turban clad waiters and crockery will take you back in time and complete the illusion.

Sahib Sindh Sultan – Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

inside-the-train Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

This place has a retro setting. It is themed on the line of Indian railways at British times. The dining is such like you are sitting in the train compartment. The waiters are dressed as ticket collectors and the decor is just perfect to give you the ambience of trains in imperial past. There are lamps from the British era to support the theme. To top it, the menu itself is mouthwatering and will not make you regret to have given a try.

The Ninja – Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

This place takes you to China. It is dark and cosy. The waiters are dressed up as Ninjas. As you enter the place you feel you are entering a cave. The menu is really amazing and gives you best tastes of China, India and Japan. The shields and swords compliments pefectly to the decor of the place.

The Black Pearl – Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

Are you a fan of Pirates of Caribbean? Then we have the best place for you to have food! This restaurant resembles a fictional ship and it has treasure maps and other decorations to add to the ambience. Desserts of this restaurant is a must try.

The Silver Metro – Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

For those who loves metro and get to travel less in it, this is the place to be. One thing we take guarantee of is that you will find a seat. There are sleek metro interiors, unique setting and very affordable buffet. So go experience it and have a feel of life in a metro.

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  • https://www.grouptable.com/bangalore Vijay Kumar

    The interiors resemble a Pirate’s den. The tables have inbuilt bbq units .There is live music in the evenings. Spread over three storeys, the lower level has cellar-type seating; the second floor has the main deck of the ship, and the third floor is open air. Each seating level has a different mood and feel.Offers at black pearl restaurant can be found at Grouptable