10 Unique things to Eat in Delhi

Are you a food lover? Do you want perfect outing with not only the best of foods but even unique? Great! Because you are at the right place. Here go through the 10 unique things to eat in Delhi.

Palak Patta Chaat

cafe-lota You can find this amazing dish in Café Lota. This dish is balance of all chatpata flavors and chaat lovers should actually give it a try. It has crispy spinach leaves with potatoes and chick peas. The best part of this dish is the Yoghurt. Yoghurt has chutney teamed up with it which is the perfect match for the chaat.

Beetroot Chops

BN-AX728_ilota__G_20131230045329This is another specialty of Café Lota. It is a well cooked cutlet made of garnished beetroot and is a very famous dish of Kolkata. It is served with ‘Bhaja moshala’ which matches perfectly with the chops. It is creamy cheese with a blend of several spices and a curry leaf is kept on it which provides with an awesome flavor.

Mutton Kulcha

46631be7e0b5f09e5ca0a99f4b008d31_1432453218_200_thumbThis is one less heard dish in Delhi which is worth eating for every mutton lover. Mutton kulchas can are a famous dish in Pindi Meat, Karol Bagh.  Several varieties of mutton are sold there and the biggest catch of the dish are the kulchas. Kulcha are fried on the tawa with mutton curry. Mutton curry is soaked by the kulcha and tastes heavenly. This place should be visited before 9:30 because the food gets sold and this points out the fine taste of this dish.

Mutton Dosa

IMG_0512 This unique combination of mutton and dosa can be found in Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University. This is a must eat and the best dish to be eaten in the cafeteria of D-School. Minced mutton and little bit of gravy (just the amount which won’t make the dosa too soggy) is served with delicious sambhar and coconut chutney. This dish will definitely make your day.

Butter Chicken Pizza

b811648ff389736799e21c6d10734d72_1444229658 Everybody has heard of butter chicken and also pizza. But ever tried them together both? Worry not, you will find this delicious combination in Big Yellow Door, Hudson Lane. It has the perfect essence and taste of butter chicken and pizza is well baked. This is not it. They serve a dip/curry which is basically butter chicken gravy alongwith it which is curry on the top.

Devil Momos

11417386_862987333790967_794167415_n Yes, you read that right. “Devil” momos. What is devil about them is the fact that you cannot stop your hands after having one. What is unique in this dish is that the filling inside is not barely some kind of chicken but it has chicken gravy too. It is a must try and is served best at Rigos, Tibetan Market.

Mughlai Paranthas

7c03553f815d2d581ec26e0b58dd33bb_1443592851 This kind of parantha are served in many resturaunts but the most famous one is Dadu Cutlet, CR Park. These parantha are filled with chicken and are deep fried. It’s a task to complete one single parantha but the taste is so good that it pushes you to finish it.

Paneer Jalebi

2_DFW Although a lot of sweet shops sell this kind of jalebi but if you have a sweet tooth and want a perfect paneer jalebi Laxmi Dairy, Hudson Lane is the place you need to visit. They serve delicious and well balanced jalebi and will make you want to visit there again.

ParleG Cheesecake

10942777_558302354307355_395223608_nFor the dessert lovers this is something which should not be missed. Cheesecake stuffed between ParleG will win your heart only by the presentation itself at first. The lip smacking taste is just the next thing you’d want. This dessert can be eaten at Farzi Café, Gurgaon.

Chocolate Money Bags

IMG-20150123-WA0015 This is my personal favourite and it can make every sweet-toothed guy go weak in the knees. The presentation of this dessert is so good in itself that it makes your mouth water. The money bags have hot chocolate filled inside it and is covered with a crispy layer. It is complimented amazingly with ice cream and the money bags are dipped in the cold ice cream and it is the best treat to the mouth after the food. You can find these money bags at Crazy Noodles.

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