15 Best Hookah Places In Delhi

Want a break from all the monotony that surrounds you so bad? So here are the best hookah places, bars in Delhi. The below mentioned would definitely give you some clarity as to where you should plan your day in order to have the best of everything, especially Hookah(s)

1 Oak Café and Bar (Hookah Places in Delhi)

Oak Cafe hookah places in delhi
Situated in Defence Colony near the moolchand flyover, this is a great outdoor café that if widely known for his soothing atmosphere. Apart from serving us with the best of Italian and Fast Foods, the café has also been serving us with some great Hookah for quite a long time now. Also, this place is best to visit after having a long day at work because of its music. The playlist is always fresh and happening, and would never fail to uplift the tired souls.

Boombox Café (Hookah Places in Delhi)

Boombox Cafe hookah places in delhi
Made with blend of Street Culture and Café culture, this place glides up to the list of the coolest cafes in town. Not only does it serve us with some mind boggling Hookah flavors and combinations, it is also known for its food. The ambience adds majorly when one visits the place; for it is almost impossible to get past the awesome Wall Art and Graffiti without noticing it. It is situated in Khan Market and Connaught Place. Here is the link to Boombox Cafe Khan Market.

Movida Café and Bar (Hookah Places in Delhi)

Movinda Cafe hookah places in delhi
Want a nice place to party? This is your spot. Equipped with great music and light system, this place is absolutely fit for all the happening people out there. Apart from this, the awesomeness still doesn’t end; for we even get to have some amazing Hookah flavors here that include, paan, paan masala, green apple, grape, and mint. It is situated in Connaught Place, Central Delhi, which even motivates you more because of its easy reach.

Amour – The Patio restaurant, Café and Bar (Hookah Places in Delhi)

Amour hookah places in delhi
Situated in Hauz Khas, this hangout place is best for warm summer nights to chill with your best mates. With their Mediterranean menu and some of the great hookah flavors, one can never go out of this place unsatisfied. A rooftop area lit up with torches with a lake view, what after all do you want more after a hectic day at office or a tiresome day of lectures at college? So, get up you lazy asses. This is your spot.

Urban Café (Hookah Places in Delhi)

Urban Cafe hookah places in delhi
Craving for a place that checks your criteria for good ambience? This is your thing. Along with providing a great variety in their continental menu, The Urban Café also serves you with some of the most refreshing hookah flavors that you’ll ever want. The variety of flavours includes paan, cigar, mint, strawberry, double apple, and kiwi. Situated in Khan Market, this place definitely would add to your list of favorite places in Delhi. Hurry, try this out asap!

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Raaga Coffee Lounge (Hookah Places in Delhi)

Raaga hookah places in delhi
Searching for a place that doesn’t cost your pocket too much? You’ve just reached the right place in that case. Apart from serving some really great shakes, pasta varieties, and pizzas, they also offer a wide variety of Hookah flavors. Situated in Bunglow Road, Kamla Nagar, North Delhi, this is just the best place for the all North Campus students.

Story – Unfolds (Hookah Places in Delhi)

Story Unfolds hookah places in delhi
One of the best places for good food and drinks, Story Unfolds is an open-airy space that makes anyone happy like never before. Besides this, the place also offers some of the really happening Hookah flavors one could ever think of, and when blended with some great music, this is just the right place to relax your mind from all the worries and tensions of your corporate lives.

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Zest Bar and Lounge (Hookah Places in Delhi)

Zest bar hookah places in delhi
Located in Noida, this place has more of a sports bar feel to it. Known best for its live cricket screenings and live music nights, this place also serves us with great lighting system. Besides good food, the lounge serves some of the best Hookah flavors hat any Hookah lover would want to have in order to just relax and have fun. So, for those who haven’t visited this place yet, I’m sure you would always want to go again after once you’ve already been there.

Mia Bella (Hookah Places in Delhi)

Mia Bella hookah places in delhi
Want to enjoy the sunset with some great music playing in the background? You’ve come to the exact right spot, in that case. Located in Hauz Khas, this place serves the dual purpose of either having a romantic date with your beloved, or chilling with your friends with some of the best Hookah flavors that they serve here. Hence, for the ones who haven’t tried this at all, this place deserves to be there on your bucket list for sure.

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Out Of The Box (Hookah Places in Delhi)

Out of the Box hookah places in delhi
this is again one of the best rooftop cafes one would find in Delhi and NCR. Located in Hauz Khas and Khan Market, this is just the place you would want to spend your weekend at, either with family or with friends. Besides having a great food menu, they also have a variety of hookah flavours including paan, kiwi, double apple, and mint. Hurry all you lazy bums, this place not only calls out your name, but screams for it. Here is the link to Out of the Box Khan Market.

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Uber Lounge (Hookah Places in Delhi)

Uber Lounge hookah places in delhi
Known best for its Sheesha and starters, this café is located in M Block Market, greater Kailash 2. Besides this, the café also serves great cuisines and shakes. The aura of the place is such, that if you visit it once, you would always want to visit it again. So, why wait? It’s never too late, Go experience the awesomeness right now!

Moets Shack (Hookah Places in Delhi)

moets shack hookah places in delhi
Are you a Vintage lover? If yes, then THIS is your place. Having the best of Vintage décor, this place never fails to win your heart. Known for its Fish and chips and Sheesha, the place would do just perfectly fine if your plan to spend your day doing nothing but relaxing. Situated in Defence Colony Market, this is one of the most happening places you’ll ever be at. Go, try it out now!

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High5 (Hookah Places in Delhi)

High5 hookah places in delhi
Just as the name suggests, the place never fails to give its visitors the utmost high5 treatment ever possible. Located in Hauz Khas, the place is known best for its Finger Foods, Italian, and Chinese as cuisines. Apart from this, it also serves some of the best Hookah flavors which is always a treat for all the hookah lovers. It is a great place to hang out with either college friends, or office colleagues. Haven’t tried it yet? It’s not too late. Go now!

AMPM Café (Hookah Places in Delhi)

AmPm Cafe hookah places in delhi
Featured in the category of Rooftop Cafes, this place in situated in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi. The place is just wonderful when one wants to have a beautiful interior to be surrounded with. Known best for its Asian and Mediterranean cuisines, this place is also best with respect to its Hookah and its flavors. Hence, with all the best that it gives us, it definitely is worth visiting atleast once.

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Talab Café (Hookah Places in Delhi)

Talab Cafe hookah places in delhi
Located in Punjabi Bagh, this place calls out for youth. With its live music sessions, this place even goes up a notch in the list of the coolest places to hang out at with your buddies in Delhi and NCR. The food menu consists of Italian and Indian cuisines, and apart from that, the place also serves with the best of hookah flavors you would ever know about. So, for all the lazies, get up and experience the new.

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