7 Places For Paintball Lovers In Bangalore

It isn’t really necessary that once you grow up, you also grow up from your heart. Hence, we bring all the adventure and fun loving people a list of some of the coolest places to play paintball places in Bangalore. Check it out below.

The Paintball Arena – Paintball Places in Bangalore

Paintball Places in Bangalore
Located on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, this place is definitely one of the best hangout places for all the adventure lovers. Not only does it provide great equipments and facilities for the same, it also gives us the best feature of setting up the arena as per our wish or requirement, which doubles up the fun all together, right?

National Paintball League – Paintball Places in Bangalore

Paintball Places in Bangalore
The place not only revolves around the fun factor related to the game of Paintball, but also takes this to the next level, wherein they try to promote this sport in India and make people capable enough to participate in the official World Cup. But, this place is also open to people who want to get a first hand experience of the sport. With all the best facilities and safety measures, this is definitely the best place to try this game if you haven’t yet.
Address:  No.21/1, 8th Cross,13th F Main (Near Methodis Church), Indiranagar, Bangalore
Phone No: 08039628806
Timings: All days from 10am to 6 pm

Paintball Bangalore Fun Adda – Paintball Places in Bangalore

Paintball Places in Bangalore
Situated in Koramangalam, Bangalore, this is an actual ‘adda’ for all those who do not believe in wasting even a single moment in life, and rather play it out through such sports. The cost here for the same is reasonable, making it even better. The place provides good safety facilities, and has a very cheerful ambiance around. So, for all those who haven’t checked this out yet, do it right away!

Adventure Unlimited Paintball Zone – Paintball Places in Bangalore

Paintball Places in Bangalore
As the name suggest, the place ensures that each one of you have the best time possible while you’re there. Filled with fun and frolic, this paint ball arena is meant for people of all ages. It is located in JP Nagar, Bangalore, and makes some of the best go-to places for the weekends, either with friends or with family.

Urban Valley Bangalore – Paintball Places in Bangalore

Paintball Places in Bangalore
Urban Valley is a place designed only to re-live your childhood all over again. It is situated in Kanakapura, and among many other sports that it provides, paintball is one of them. It has a bright, cheerful, and a very positive ambiance that noone ever comes out of it disappointed. Along with all the play, there’s also good food that you can hog along. So, if you haven’t been here atleast once, now is the time!

Wonder Valley – Paintball Places in Bangalore

Paintball Places in Bangalore
Located 50kms from the main Bangalore city, Wonder Valley is the best place when you want to plan a fun-filled day with your children. Not only does it have paintball as its part, it also has some other amazing sports that would just make your visit to the place all the more worth while. Giving us the best safety facilities, this is a place loved by people of all age groups, kids especially. So, get up you lazy bums. The place screams out your name and is one of the best places for paintball!

<h2<Global Paintball – Paintball Places in Bangalore

Paintball Places in Bangalore
Located at Dinnur Main Road, Global Paintball is one sports club that never fails to bring out the child in you. Among the many other sports that the main company provides, Global Paintball is one of their best known branches. The place has wide variety of sports packages that it offers, making it easier for people of all age groups to select as per their ease and convenience. Not only the place shouts out fun, but it also gives us the best safety measures one would like to have while experiencing all the adventure they dream of. Give this place a shot, it totally deserves it!

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