10 Best Malls In Delhi and NCR

Pacific Mall

Situated in Tagore Garden, West Delhi, this place is one of the finest places of that area. From providing treat to all shopaholics to making every foodie the happiest each day, this mall has grown out to be everyone’s favorite in no time. It is divided into four floors, including the basement, and the topmost area is where the food court provides a wide variety of options to choose from when you’re out with friends or family. which makes it one of the best malls in Delhi.

Select City Walk

When we plan a day out with family or friends, this place often comes up to our mind at least once amidst all our planning. With all the great food to hog on, and stores to shop from, this mall is the highlight of South Delhi. Apart from this, the place also consists of a movie theatre, which all the more adds to its awesomeness.

Great India Place

Located in Noida, this place shouts out fun and excitement in its very own name. The mall is itself a part of a bigger amusement park named The Worlds Of Wonder, that adds to even more when it comes to making children happy, especially. It has a great number of brands to shop from, and has a super cool and positive ambiance all together.

West Gate Mall

Adding up to the sparkle of West Delhi, this mall is located in Rajouri Garden. Well-connected from the metro line, one does not have to think twice before planning a day out at this mall. Filled with fun and frolic, the place has some of the amazing rides for children, and some of the best brands to shop from for adults. The place also consists of a movie theatre for all the cinema lovers out there.

Ambience Mall

Located on the outskirts of Delhi, that is Gurgaon, this is by far one of the best shopping malls that we’ve seen grow over the years. The place is lavish with respect to its stores, food court, bars/restros/cafes. So, if you still haven’t explored this amazing place, this is your time! Go check it out now.

Moments Mall

As the name suggests, this place is best when you want each moment of yours to count. Located in Kriti Nagar, West Delhi, this place a wide variety of stores to choose from when it comes to shopping, and has pretty decent outlets for food, too. Apart from this, the place also screams out fun for children once you enter with all the rides available at the very entrance of the mall.

Mahagun Metro Mall

Located on the outskirts of Delhi, that is Ghaziabadh, this mall is easily reachable due to its easy metro connectivity. It has a wide number of stores to shop from, and has huge food court that gives every foodie a treat each time. The mall also consists of a movie theatre and a gaming section for kids, especially. Besides this, it also has a street shopping feel to it because of its extra stalls that it has on the ground floor of the mall.

DLF Promenade

Located in Vasant Kunj, South Delhi, this is one of the finest places of that area. Adding more and more to its awesomeness for years now, this mall is best when it comes to stores for shopping and food. Besides this, it also has a wide variety of cafes for the young if at all one wants to drink and chill with friends after a long day at work.

DLF Emporio

DLF Emporio Luxury Shopping Festival 1
Adding to the craze of South Delhi for years now, this mall is located in Vasant Kunj. It is one of the first luxury malls to ever open in India. It is also considered to be amongst the most expensive malls of Asia, which again is because of its amazing facilities that it provides. It has four floors including the ground floor, and features over 170 brands including 75 International Brands.

TDI Mall

Located in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi, this place is mostly the ultimate hang out place for all youngsters and youth. By providing the best options for shopping and food, it is fit for people of all ages. The ambiance of the mall shouts out fun and frolic, and is also an apt place to bring your toddlers when fun is required.

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