Places to go bowling in Bangalore

We have listed all bowling alleys in Bangalore. You can’t miss the bowling in Bangalore this week.

Amoeba - Bowling in Bangalore

Bowling in Bangalore

Located in Churchstreet this place is the most famous among the youth. You can visit there with family too and have an ultimate experience. There are other games too to make sure the kids doesn’t get bored. Apart from bowling, you will get an amazing time having the food from the shack, The staff is really helpful there and will make sure that you have fun without any glitch.

BluO – Bowling in Bangalore

Bowling in Bangalore

Located in the huge and pretty Orion Mall, BluO is the biggest cosmic bowling alley with 27 lanes. To add on to the entertainment BluO offers you other sources like X-box and karaoke to have a memorable night. The music playing in the background is a plus plus and this place is definitely worth going more than once to have a good time.

Cosmopolitan Club - Bowling in Bangalore

Bowling in Bangalore

This place is really huge. It has four blocks connected to each other. One of them is the Bowling alley block. It accommodates bowling alley, a Chinese restaurant, Subz and children amusement park. The Bowling block at Cosmopolitan has 12 lanes of which 2 lanes are reserved for members. So this makes it an ideal place to hop in with friends or family for an ultimate gaming and dining experience.

Blue Moustache - Bowling in Bangalore

Bowling in Bangalore

This place is just perfect to hang out with friends after a busy evening. It provides you with great bowling experience, a bar, great food and to top all good music while you enjoy your quality time there. It has a large screen to watch live games while you chug a beer or eat some food after playing a game or two.

Strykes - Bowling in Bangalore

Bowling in Bangalore

This is one of the good bowling centres in the city. Strykes has 4 bowling alleys. Although not very huge, but this place is not heavy on pockets and is well maintained. Strykes offers you oher attractions like video games and other indoor games. So after a long day of shopping at the Central one can actually spend a quality leisure time here.






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