7 places to go bowling in Delhi

This article contains information about all the places for bowling in delhi

bluO (Gurgaon) – Bowling in Gurgaon

bowling in delhi gurgaon

This is undoubtedly the largest bowling alley in Delhi. This is India’s second largest bowling alley with 26 lanes. The sport is supported with various lasers and LED lights which creates a strong visual statement. If you are foodie and a hardcore bowling lover then this is the place to be. Food at this place is finger-licking good and to top this, BluO offers its customers with wide ranging cuisines.

Fun N Fair Bowling Alley – Bowling in Delhi

bowling in delhi gurgaon

This is situated in Mathura road is one of the oldest entertainment spots in the city. It has 8 bowling alleys. Apart from bowling, this place also offers the facility of go-karting and video games.If you get hungry while spending time in defeating your friends, you can try the food they sell at the small counter at the bowling alley.

Amoeba - Bowling in Delhi

bowling in delhi gurgaon

Amoeba is considered as one of the most reasonable places for some bowling fun.The four lane synthetic bowling alley is the perfect choice for those who want to try something new and exciting. The place focuses completely on bowling, with no drinks or food counters acting as distraction. This is a hub for college-goers who stop by to have good time after a long day.

Essex Farms - Bowling in Delhi

bowling in delhi gurgaon

 It is one of the most famous destinations for bowling among youngsters in Delhi. Apart from bowling, Essex Farms also offers other entertainment options like ice hockey, arcade style fighting, racing and much more. It has a 6 lane bowling alley. Considered as one of the most famous places in Delhi, it deserves a visit.

32 Milestone, Gurgaon - Bowling in Delhi

bowling in delhi gurgaon

This is amongst the oldest bowling alleys in Delhi/NCR. Apart from bowling you can enjoy other activities like go karting, cricket, shooting, bull ride and bunjee trampoline. If you plan to spend a day away from the city then this is a place to be as they provide attractive stay packages.

EOD (Every Other Day) - Bowling in Delhi

bowling in delhi gurgaon

EOD has 16 lane bowling place and is UV lit which is a visual delight. This place really huge and is known for organizing  bowling tournaments. Winners are rewarded with trophies and cash awards. They provide with good food and drinks and this makes it a perfect place to come with friends and even with family.

Versus - Bowling in Delhi

bowling in delhi gurgaon

This is a fantastic 8-lane bowling alley. It is known to offer the highest performing bowling alley in India. Versus has the latest model of Brunswick worldwide GS Series. If you are a fanatic gaming junky, this place is a must visit.


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