Top 19 Pubs in Gurgaon that you would love

Looking for top pubs in Gurgaon? This is the only list you need. There would be 5 dozen more bars and pubs in Gurgaon, but you need to visit these first. Lets get you to the best lounges and pubs in gurgaon. Book Now.

Striker Pub & Brewery - Pubs in Gurgaon

Few words to describe Striker: Awesome ambience, crowd, food and music! It’s a must visit place when live bands are performing as the atmosphere is electrifying and amazing. It will be totally worth the time, money and energy. There Wheat Beer is super awesome, and you must try Strikers Nachos & Masala Dahi Kebab.

Striker Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: 23, 1st Floor, Global Foyer Mall, Sector 43, Golf Course Road,Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 01:00PM – 01:00AM


Vapour Pub & Brewery - Pubs in Gurgaon

The location is just perfect- on the famous mall road on MG Road. The parking- a plenty to park yourself whenever you want. The ambience fresh, edgy, smart and non obtrusive. They offer mix from signature brews of beer to the most premium white, golden and brown spirits and the best from the mixology experts. After a hard day’s work, what you need is a perfect catharsis. A place that’s haute enough to cool your eyes, steaming so that you can condense and rock in sync with the grooves as the tracks roll from our music mixology. 

Vapour Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: 2nd Floor, MGF Mega City Mall, MG Road , Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 12:00PM – 01:00AM


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Downtown – Diners & Living Beer Cafe - Pubs in Gurgaon

If beer is your poison, then you will definitely love this place. A brew pub with wooden interiors, very english in appearance equipped with a micro brewery to brew fresh beer. They brew Ale, Lager, Wheat & Stout beers! Watch out for their live Italian hearth pizza oven where they churn out thin crust pizzas by slice and the pie. With a delicious menu and amazing music which will have you grooving your head & delicious food which will set your mood, this is one of the best microbreweries and pubs in Gurgaon.

Downtown Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: 34, Leisure Valley Road, Near Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sector 29 , Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sat 01:00PM – 12:15AM,Sun 01:00PM – 11:30PM


Molecule Air Bar – Pubs in Gurgaon

Looking for an experience that will leave you with a lasting impression? At Molecule we transport you into a world full of contrast, where the only thing constant is class. The newest baby in town and one that deserves all your love and affection. Situated on the 4th floor this place will definitely transport u to a Hollywood action movie scene with guns around and the bare pipelines decor. The sitting area is comfortable with the mellow yellow lighting. Some of the things that you must try: Nitro frozen popcorn,Candy floss Cocktail,Winter Berry Salad, Royal Ending.

Molecule Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: SCO 53, 4th Floor, Sector 29 , Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 12:00PM – 12:00PM


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Manhattan Craft Brewery - Pubs in Gurgaon

The first thing that catches your fancy when you enter Manhattan is the huge copper brew house. Shining cylindrical vessels connected to each other through pipes, they remind you of a vintage Brewery of Germany, but what’s brewing inside them is beer – different flavours of it rather! While you appreciate the aesthetic effect of ‘beer on tap’, the large format screens are sure to attract your attention next. But why have six of them all at one place? Well, four of them are for a very exciting concept – motion-based interactive gaming. Sip your beer and then fight it out on the screens! And if you happen to be a soccer and cricket aficionado who wishes to catch the action live 70mm style, then this place is sure to rock you! When it comes to the cuisine, you have an eclectic choice from across the world – German, Continental, American, European, Indian, Italian and Lebanese. Almost everything that goes down well with freshly crafted beer!

Manhattan Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: 1st Floor, Global Foyer Mall, Sector 43, Golf Course Road,Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 01:00PM – 01:00AM


Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy – Pubs in Gurgaon

The first of its kind neighbourhood bar in Gurgaon brings to you a complete experience of the 1920s Prohibition Era in America where you “Speakeasy” every time you want to come in. The Bar where you will revisit the “Golden Age Of Cocktails” from top of the line “CLASSICS” to the “NEW AGE Straights” Surrounded with the tales of Bootleggers, Rum Runners and Moonshiners in a contemporary yet warehouse like atmosphere where good service and value for money will be the ultimate MANTRA.

Cocktails Dreams Speakeasy Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: SCO 23, Sector 15 Part 2, (Behind Galaxy Hotel),Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 05:00PM – 01:00AM


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Walking Street - Pubs in Gurgaon

To all you beer lovers Walking Street has always something new to offer.A finely brewed Indian Pale Ale that will leave your taste buds tingling and wanting for more. The ambiance is very casual and the whole place had the vibe of a relaxing, chilling time with friends. There is a separate smoking area here. So go and grab your mug at one of the newly opened pubs in Gurgaon.

Walking Street Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: SCO 20, Sector 29 , Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 12:00PM – 12:30AM


Farzi Cafe - Pubs in Gurgaon

The word “Farzi” can have many connotations, but at Farzi Café, it has just one, “creating an illusion” with its cuisine. Focused at the gourmet diner as well as the youth of India, Farzi Café – Modern Indian Bistro & Tapas Bar, is best described as a gourmet experience amalgamating traditional global cuisine, with Indian influences, contemporary presentations, culinary styles and ambiance. Infusing a generous dose of Indian flavours and influences, it presents international dishes, where culinary art meets the alchemy of modern cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy.

Farzi Cafe Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: 7-8, Ground Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City , Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 12:00PM – 03:30PM 06:30PM – 11:30PM


Soi 7 Pub & Brewery - Pubs in Gurgaon

Soi 7 is not your run of the mill Asian themed restaurant serving a fusion of various Asian cuisines. It’s appeal goes far beyond food. It has a microbrewery, an outdoor terrace, live bands and even regular Muay Thai action. The historically famous Asiatic frying pan will make the meals healthy, using low amounts of fat and with higher vegetable content resulting in a healthier, tastier and more nutritious meal. Soi 7 has compiled some of the essential components of the Asian kitchen and its meals promise to be full of exotic flavors, combining exciting and scrumptious aromas and textures. 

Sou 7 Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: 205-208 & 209 A, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City , Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 12:00PM – 01:00AM


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Sutra Gastropub - Pubs in Gurgaon

Sutra is here to give you a culinary experience like no other. Designed in a simple and rustic yet royal touch, they bring to you a soulful bonding place. Be it for a luncheon meeting, hanging out with your colleagues, family, friends, sweetheart or just an alone-time for yourself, a scrumptious wining & dining experience. They offer both indoor dining as well as outdoor. We have a diverse menu offering with selections from European, Asian, and Indian cuisines. From Starters to the Grills & Mains, we have special Sutra’s signatures dishes ready to take your taste bud for a ride.

Sutra Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: 201 & 202, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City , Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 12:00PM – 01:00AM


7 Degree Brauhas - Pubs in Gurgaon

This micro-brewery gives you the experience of a lifetime and takes you to the Bavaria region of Germany. 7 Degree signifies the ideal temperature for drinking Beer and Brauhaus means Beer House. So at 7 Degree Brauhaus you get great German beers at the ideal drinking temperatures.   The beer garden theme is one of its kinds in India, housing large Chestnut Tress, Original Oak and Maple wood furniture, Copper Hanging Lamps, rustic flooring, copper brew kettles, stainless steel tanks and High ceilings. The decor’ and ambiance will completely blow you over! As soon as you enter through our doors, we are sure to a “WOW” factor. The rustic feel of the beer factory makes you feel part of the industry.

7 Degrees Brauhaus Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: 310 & 311, 3rd Floor, DLF South Point Mall, DLF Phase 5, Golf Course Road,Gurgaon
Time : Mon 11:00AM – 12:00PM,Tues 03:00PM – 12:00PM,Wed-Sun 11:00AM – 12:00PM


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Torgauer Brewpub - Pubs in Gurgaon

Although it is located in an obscure mall, but Torgauer still deserves a chance in the list of pubs in Gurgaon. With decent ambiance and pretty interiors, the micro brewery is full of liveliness. You should try their Lager and Dark Beer pitchers.

Torgauer Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: 222-227, 2nd Floor, Raheja Mall, Sector 47, Sohna Road , Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 11:00AM – 12:00AM


Turquoise Cottage - Pubs in Gurgaon

TC gets you in mood of those American-Irish pubs with nice seating arrangements. There terrace area is beautifully made, a perfect place for Delhi winters. Lively music, in-house Rock gigs and karaoke nights are really fun and something that you shouldn’t miss.

Turquoise Cottage Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: 1st Floor, JMD Regent Square, DLF Phase 2, MG Road,Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 12:30PM – 12:00PM


The Wine Company - Pubs in Gurgaon

The Wine company brings a unique concept of a wine shop within the restaurant. One can buy from choices of over 150 kinds of wine and others spirits and pair it up with world class Continental and European cuisine served. The 250 seater outlet offers wines sourced from more than 35 countries which will be sold at wholesale price. The Outlet also offers special wine tasting sessions with wine sommeliers , salsa nights, Ladies night, Live band, everyday brunch, the best DJs and much more.

The Wine Company Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City , Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 12:30PM – 01:00AM


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Adda by Strikers - Pubs in Gurgaon

Adda serves easily the best Wheat beer among all the brew pubs in Gurgaon. They have 3 on offer- premium, wheat and dark. So, each time you go there, they offer you miniatures of all 3 to try and decide for yourself which one you want to order. They play good music and they have got a huge screen. The roof top seating has a great view of the surrounding.The staff is friendly. 

Adda Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: SCO 24, 1st floor, Sector 29, Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 12:00PM – 12:00PM


Raasta - Pubs in Gurgaon

Expect Raasta to bring alive the spirit of Bob Marley, both in terms of the essence of the brand as well as the music and ambience. It recreates the very features that have made the brand a cult and will also be bringing in the live music events, International performers and fun nights to Gurgaon denizens. Walk into this space, that brings alive the power of music, and lets you relax and go with the flow. The essence of the brand stays alive with the décor elements, while evolution has taken place in both the design and food philosophy to bring a newer, fresher version of the brand to old loyalists and new visitors alike. Be instantly transported to the Carribean as different lounge areas beckon you to chill awhile, groove to the music or simply have a good time with friends.

Raasta Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: 2nd Floor, DLF Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City , Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 12:00PM – 12:00PM


Hard Rock Cafe - Pubs in Gurgaon

As a global brand, Hard Rock Cafe Gurgaon lives upto its promise of giving a nice, chic, stylish ambience. Food and drinks are from standard Hard Rock menu. The ambience is awesome and would be loved for all rock lovers. It is pretty spacious and span an additional floor with seating surrounding the DJ and dance floor.  The Guitar collection of Kiss, Led Zep, Eddie Van Halen et al is super impressive.

Hard Rock Cafe Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: Unit 4/5/104/105, R Block, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City , Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 12:00PM – 12:00PM


7 Barrel Brew Pub - Pubs in Gurgaon

7 Barrel is a microbrewery that creates the finest beer you have had in a long long time. Their collection of handcrafted beers provides a fix for every problem or well, celebration. Their experts make sure that the beer you choose is the best for you. It is a swanky bar with a purposeful pinch of nostalgia, the ambience at 7 Barrel Brew Pub is as inviting as its beer. Once you’re here, you’re home.

7 Barrel Brew Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: UG 38, DLF Mega Mall, DLF Phase 1 , Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 12:00PM – 01:00AM


Smokey’s BBQ and Grill - Pubs in Gurgaon

A friendly, casual diner, by people who love food, for people who love food. Comfortable, but exciting at the same time, it’s the sort of place to go with friends when you’re looking for heady cocktails, hearty meals and a variety of entertainment. Carrying on the legacy of the venue’s previous establishment, Smokey’s also serves some familiar favourites – The 2 pepper Steak, the John Dory Fish and the smoked House Chicken. Smoked cocktails (made by smoking fresh fruit), aged cocktails (using liquor aged with spices) and molecular cocktails are all part of the thrilling drinks menu. Over 100 spirit labels & 80 wine labels.

Smokey's BBQ Pubs in Gurgaon

Address: Ground Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City , Gurgaon
Time : Mon-Sun 12:00PM – 4:30PM , 6:30PM – Midnight

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