Wednesday, 06 April 2016

Best Bars, Lounge and Pubs in MG Road

Best bars, lounge and pubs in MG Road

We have compiled the list of Best Bars and Pubs in MG Road.

When it comes to nightlife in Bangalore, we all know that MG Road, Brigade Road and Lavelle Road are the places to be. They have the best bars lounges and pubs of Bangalore. These place are few of the most trending places of Bangalore. Book them through us to avoid waiting in queue at these places.

Blimey – Pubs in MG Road

Blimey is a buzzing & vibrant every day resto-bar serving quality casual English, Irish & exciting drinks in a cheerful Cuban ambiance. Blimey is a non pretentious & easy place that invites you to be yourself & enjoy good food, good drinks at pocket friendly prices and it is the perfect place to all your occasions! Whether you want to come for lunch, for an after work drink, for a loud party or to celebrate birthdays & anniversaries, Blimey has always something for you to guarantee you have the time of your life.

Timings: Mon-Sun 11:00AM – 12:30AM
Address: 1 MG Road Mall, MG Road, Bangalore

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October 2015

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


10 Best Hookah Places In Bangalore

Amidst all the running in our lives, it is now not only a luxury to go out to a nice place and chill with friends, but instead has become a necessity. Everyone deserves a break after all that hard work. Hence, come, let’s explore some of the best places for Hookah in Bangalore.

Elements Eatery (Hookah Places in Bangalore)

Located on the 197, Nandi Durga Road, this place provides you with a great indoor wooden space to hang out with your buddies. The menu is always satisfying, with steak being one of its specialties. Along with food, the shisha served here is always never disappointing. It has a quite and soothing ambiance, which is just perfect after a long day at work. So, if you haven’t been able to discover your spot, this is the time. Go explore!

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June 2015

Thursday, 04 June 2015

Top 20 Night Clubs in Bangalore

The nightlife in Bangalore never stops, the youth will be boozing and does the hip-hop all the nights. The wild side of the Bangalore has the best of the legend beers and many more to enjoy full nights for the youth as per their hippest culture.

The following are the few established night clubs/ disco clubs in Bangalore which are meant for having perfect cherished memories even though for small wee hours.

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